The Build Process

Convivium understands that a renovation or new construction project comes with a mix of emotions: stress, excitement, worry, and oftentimes, it can be overwhelming. Our real estate, for the majority of us is our most valuable asset, and improving our real estate is our biggest investment. It's also a major time investment as well; weeks, months, sometimes years. 

We realize that most of the concerns our clients have, simply come from a lack of knowledge, or unfortunately, a bad prior experience. To alleviate some of that tension and to make sure your next project is a great experience; Convivium will be your advisor and educator from the start. We will do anything we can to take away the uncertainty, clear-up any confusion, and avoid the “surprises” that arise and are ever-too-common in our industry.

Construction Consultation


Do you have an idea, a basic concept, or maybe even some preliminary drawings or plans? Construction consultation should start now. Regardless of whether you're dealing with one of our designers or your own architect, the general contractor is the one that turns your concept and vision into a reality and will offer a unique perspective based more on the time, feasibility and cost of your project. 

Are we a good fit? Are your goals and our goals the same? We’ll go through your project with you and ensure we have your best interest in mind. While we want to get as much information from you, we also want to introduce our team and outline our services and our working process in a clear precise manner. That way we will know from the start if we are all on the same page.


Design Services


During the initial visit, you get to meet the project manager and design team, the team possess a wealth of home design experience and will provide valuable advice that will help you achieve your goals. We will walk through your space with you and ask for your wish list.  Measurements of the space will help to sketch up the project area and suggest inputs into achieving the design that suits your vision.


Design can be and should-be the most arduous and involved part of the building process, involving literally hundreds of decisions. From the development of basic sketches or simple plans from an outside source, our in house design company Fusion Home Designs, can create a custom construction build-set that details every item in your project, all the way down to the light-switch, this is true design.

Created on your wants and needs, 90% of the concept, functionality, efficiency and of course aesthetics of your project will be discussed, debated, and decided upon during this stage. When we put the thought and effort here, the other 10% comes together during construction, which becomes the exciting part!    Yes, there will always be changes and “tweaks” in the field as the planning we've done becomes a reality and you get a chance to see your vision come to fruition in your new space. But nothing sets us up for success, more than a solid, well thought-out, and detailed design.

proposal finalization.jpg

If we've missed you during the preliminary design phase, we can review your current plans and assess whether they are suitable for your particular home and can meet the permit guidelines. If there are any inconsistencies, we can have fusion home designs, our in-house designers and draftsperson ensure they are up to code.


Now comes the fun part. Selecting the finishes and fixtures is key to determining the final budget range for your project. It will also give us the final look and feel of the interior and/or exterior of the renovation or build.


Construction Stage

All the prep work is done and the planning will pay off. City permits are approved and acquired. With deposit made and trades lined up, let’s get rolling!! Construction begins and the pieces of the puzzle start coming together. From inception to completion of your project, our dedicated team is in place to assist you throughout the various phases of the project.


Project milestones (Demo, Framing, exterior finish, Mechanical services, insulation/Drywall, interior Finishing, and Kitchen) will be put in place by the project manager in consultation with you. We will start organizing the contractors and crew necessary to complete the job within the timelines set forth. However, as mentioned there will always be changes and “tweaks” in the field as your vision comes to fruition in your new space.


Before your eyes you will see your dream take shape. While renovating can be disruptive, we strive to keep it to a minimum. The project will come together in as smooth a transition as possible. In the final stage, professional cleaners will polish up your new living space.

Together, a final walk through will be done to ensure all your requirements have been met. Our in-house photographer will take pictures (with homeowner approval of course!). They may be featured on our website and you will be provided with copies to show off to family and friends.

Interior Design

So the house is perfect! Now what? We have interior design specialist that can be procured to assist you with every selection, all the way down to the bath towels. As a contractor offers a unique perspective to the project, so does the interior designer. If you personally connect with someone who really “gets” your style, they can be involved in the project from the very beginning, and assist or select your finishes, tile, countertops, cabinet design, colors, textures, and even furniture so that your new or renovated home looks and feels as good as it was designed and built.